Creating the best of 2016’s leftovers

By: Ingie Elsaady

As controversial as anything that has happened might seem, I think we could all agree that 2016 was one hell of a year. With all its good and bad, you might have found yourself wondering at some point if it was all worth it … if you are actually doing the life thing right or just existing as everyone else. It is not like you’re making a difference or changing lives as our peers on instagram/tumblr assume (no offense to all the dreamy-optimistic people out there) since these preoccupied moments don’t seem incredibly authentic at some point.


But most of the times it was obvious enough to mark yourself correct; it was clear that you are a person of use. It was only the time when you got over a fear that used to damage you in every possible way, the time when a family member actually considers your word and makes you feel like maybe, just maybe you are growing into the person you always wanted to be. It was the time when a friend points that you are full of life, even though one day you thought that you’re too overwhelmed to sleep. It was never your failures or your demons that made you once believe that you deserve no good, but the feeling of accomplishment you get on a random Tuesday night when you’re parking your car at the end of the day, knowing that you did exactly what you wanted to do that day. It’s always the glimpse of reward you get when your soul speaks for yourself.

So whatever this year has thrown to your face, whenever you found everything alienating that you cannot properly function and the slightly seen light at the end of the well-known tunnel seemed too hard to find, stay wholehearted … for these very moments of life are the main reason you won’t have to change as much about yourself this year.


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