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Sorry Facebook, Snapchat will now let us save our memories too!

So you know how snapchat is now the new hot app everyone is using, asking you to follow them on Snapchat and you see Instagram posts about others snapchat and how you should log in to see the snap before it disappears.

Well, everybody loves snapchat because it literally meant “instantly” posting even more than “Instagram”. You have to post a snap immediately, whether you are at a party or creating just want to snap something fun, you had to post it immediately or else all the snaps would disappear. But things are changing.

Now, it is reported that Snapchat will introduce a new feature “Memories” where you will be able to snap something and save it for later. (Yes, you won’t have to download your snapchat stories anymore). This new feature will allow you to even name each snapchat story and search your ‘Memories’ whenever you’d like.

It is also rumored that you will be able to post videos and photos from your camera roll. You will be able  to snap a photo, save it as a memory and upload it later.

Honestly, we are not sure how we feel about this new feature. We like the idea that we will be able to ‘Live in the moment’, instead of snapchatting. We all hated how we had to keep looking for a good internet connection to post a good snapchat story and missing all the fun. But also, isn’t this what made snapchat special? You only view a story as soon as it’s happening. No time for you to snap, edit and then post like Instagram. What do you think?

‘Snapchat Memories’ feature will be available with in this next month.


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